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Since you can't wear a face mask while playing a brass or woodwind instrument, help stop the spread of viruses with our Stretchable Bell Masks!

Marching Band Bell Covers for ALL Instruments


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Musical Bell Covers. WE ARE THE ORIGINALS! Our Stretchable Bell Masks help suppress the droplets that can spread viruses. Our covers work just like face masks. But since horn players can't wear masks... These!!

Like all of our covers, Stretchable Bell Masks can be imprinted with your name, initials, logo, design or message. Or they can be ordered blank. They are made for bell sizes 5" - 28" so be sure to measure your bells before placing your order.

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Our Stretchable Bell Masks are made of high quality polyester micro-fiber and can easily be washed after each use.  The heavy-duty construction includes sewn-in, no-roll elastic which surrounds the bell of the instrument.  Easy on and easy off with no pull tabs.   Our Stretchable Bell Masks are designed to last!

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We have you covered.... With a face mask for your bell.


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