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Custom Bar Stool Shop Stool Stretchable Covers


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Covid Stool Covers help you save face! Or whatever...

  • A great addition to any establishment to help stop the spread of LOTS of stuff! Easy on, easy off, nice and clean.
  • Torn bar stool or shop stool in your establishment or home bar? Cover it up with our low cost Stretchable Bar Stool Cover.
  • Need advertising help from your local beverage distributor or auto parts partner? Get co-op ad dollars by offering tangible items... Stretchable Bar Stool Covers with their name on them.
  • Want to make the older stools look newer without blowing a massive budget on new seating? Cover the old stools with our Stretchable Bar Stool Covers and make them look brand new again.
  • Will your clients occasionally steal them when they leave? YOU BET! THAT's exactly what you want! Let them take them out into the public and use them as steering wheel covers. Perhaps you could even team up with the local Sheriff's Department and put a "Drink Responsibly" message on them. Or get some advertising help from your local taxi cab company by putting their logo and phone number along with yours on them!  If you want your shop name to be seen around town, team up with a major auto products brand and put both logos on the cover.

The possibilities for advertising exposure are limitless... Not to mention the piece of mind you will create by keeping everyone safe.

Like all of our covers, Covid Stool Covers can be imprinted with your name, initials, logo, design or message.

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Our standard size Covid Stool Covers are available in White, Neon Yellow and Neon Orange. We have a limited stock of Crimson Red as well. The web photos may reflect slight variances (depending on the light in the photo and the settings on your monitor).

Our extra large (XL) covers are available in all the colors listed above, but for most bar stools, the standard size covers work best.

Don't forget about our 28" cafe table covers (available in white only)!!

*We can print any color background in solid or patterned!

Remember, everything we do is custom. We imprint them just the way you like them!

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Our Covid Stool Covers are made of high quality polyester micro-fiber so they can be used (and abused) and then thrown in any washer/dryer to be used again and again.  They are also incredibly soft and absorbent, so they can double as cloths for wiping down large areas or any other mess which can occur from time to time...  The heavy-duty construction includes sewn-in, no-roll elastic which surrounds the seat of the bar stool.  Easy on and easy off with no pull tabs.   Our Stretchable Covid Stool Covers are designed to last!

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We have you covered.... so sit down, relax and stay safe!

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