The Golf Ring Cover

Lower Your Scores with The GolfRing



The GolfRing will help you do just that. Any golf instructor will tell you that the goal of any distance putt, chip, pitch or sand shot is to get the ball within 3 feet from the hole. For some, that is hard to visualize. The GolfRing accomplishes this for you so simply, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

Here’s how The GolfRing works…

•    Remove the set from the bag.
•    Remove the Velcro tabs OR your custom GolfRing cover and place them back in your bag so you can store the rings away easily after play.
•    Allow the 6 foot Ring to unfold and place on the green around the pin.
•    Place the 18 inch spot ring on another section of the green.
•    Land your shot in the spot ring so it rolls into the 6 foot ring around the pin.
•    From there, you’ve got yourself a 3 foot putt
•    When you’re done practicing, simply twist the 6 foot ring and fold down to a 3 foot ring; fold down one more time to the size of the 18” spot ring, replace the Velcro guards or custom GolfRing Cover and place back in your bag.

With regular practice, you will develop the ability to more accurately visualize where to land your chips, pitches and sand shots and how hard to hit your distance putts to regularly roll the ball within 3 feet from the hole. The GolfRing is considered by those who use it consistently to be the best short game practice system they’ve ever tried.


Golf Exercises

Here are some Basics to help you get started improving your short game today.

The GolfRing Putting Challenge

This simple drill will help you improve your distance or lag putting. It will help you to more confidently and consistently roll your ball closer to the pin using the GolfRing.  When you can get into the ring every time, you'll forget what a three putt feels like.



Putt into the GolfRing from 10 feet until you make five putts in a row.



Putt into the GolfRing from 15 feet until you make five putts in a row.



Putt into the GolfRing from 20 feet until you make five putts in a row.



Putt into the GolfRing from 25 feet until you make five putts in a row.

Now you're ready for the chipping challenge.

The GolfRing Chipping Challenge

This drill will help you improve your chipping.  Place the GolfRing on the green around the cup and follow these easy steps.


Pick a relatively easy lie around the green a few feet off of the apron (fringe) and drop a few balls down.


Chip until you make 3 in a row inside the GolfRing. Now take the 18” spot ring and place it in the area where your chips are landing. (You may have to adjust the spot ring slightly until a ball landing in the spot ring comes to rest within the circumference of the larger target ring surrounding the hole).

Now chip again until you can get 3 chips to land inside the spot ring.


Move to more difficult position and repeat the process outlines above.


Finally, go to the most difficult point you've selected and chip from there until you get 3 in a row.

If you find using the spot ring too challenging, then don’t use it for now. Just focus on getting your chips to come to rest inside the GolfRing. As your skills and confidence improve, try using the spot ring again.  Above else, remember that the GolfRing was developed with the intent to have fun while practicing your short game.  We guarantee practicing with the GolfRing will lower your scores.