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Art Specifications

ELECTRONIC Artwork Specifications:


Here are some helpful artwork guidelines to follow when providing your logo or imprint to StretchableCovers.com:
If your program is not listed below, please contact us so we can find a way to use your files.


* Adobe Illustrator
* CorelDraw 
*Adobe Photoshop
*Adobe Acrobat (for PDF files)

There are many other programs available to open/read your files. However, since they are not specifically graphic programs, we cannot build separations from them. Use of these non-graphic programs may be subject to additional conversion charges. PLEASE BE SURE TO CONVERT ALL FONTS TO ARTWORK or include your fonts for us to utilize.

VECTOR files vs. RASTER files:
Vector files allow us to manipulate the art by use of nodes (or points) which can be moved within the graphic (edges can be straightened, lines smoothed, etc).

Vector File Extensions we like to see:


Raster images (no nodes and cannot be manipulated) are mostly for CMYK (4-color process / photo-like) images and need to be saved at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or above. The higher the resolution (quality), the better the prints on our products.

Raster File Extensions we like to see:


In most cases artwork “to size” is not necessary. Our graphics department can re-size your logo or imprint to fit our printable areas.

Please Note:  The first 15 minutes of artwork are free (that is the average time it takes to size artwork that has been prepared correctly).   If additional artwork is required, we charge $100 per hour, charged in intervals of 15 minutes.

CLICK HERE to send us your art file(s).