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         We have the FASTEST production time in the industry. No one can beat us!

Custom Stretchable Sousaphone Bell Covers Photos

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Marching Band Sousaphone Bell Covers... WE ARE THE ORIGINALS! 

Our covers fit bell sizes 24" - 28" (most bells are either 24" 26" or 28") as they are elasticized.  

**We now offer an XXXL cover for 32" bells too!  

School spirit and team loyalty no longer have to be sidelined.... bring it onto the field with our Stretchable Sousaphone Covers.

Like all of our covers, Stretchable Sousaphone Covers can be imprinted with your name, initials, logo, design or message.

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Our Stretchable Sousaphone Covers are available in WHITE material only and are designed to cover 24" - 28" diameter sousaphone bells.  So be sure to measure the bell of your specific instrument to be sure our products will work.

*Special order colors are available for order quantities of 2500 units or more.

Remember, everything we do is custom. We imprint them just the way you like them!

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All covers are made of high quality polyester micro-fiber so they can be used as incredibly soft cloths for wiping down the instruments after each use.  The heavy-duty construction includes sewn-in, no-roll elastic which surrounds the bell of the sousaphone.  Easy on and easy off with no pull tabs.   Our Stretchable Sousaphone Covers are designed to last!

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We have you covered.... no matter where you march!

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