Welcome To Promo Wheel Covers

The GolfRingĀ® - "The only short game practice system you'll ever need." - has teamed with Cool Wheel CoversĀ® to create The GolfRing Cover!

Now you can have your name, event, message, invitation, logo or just about anything you would like imprinted on your very own GolfRing Cover. 

NOW you're covered.

This is exciting news!  Now, not only can you order The GolfRing, one of the very best practice tools available today, but you can order it with your information printed right on the cover!

The following renditions are examples only.  No endorsements should be inferred or assumed.

Are you hosting a golf tournament or charity event involving golf?  Now you can send out The GolfRing as an invitation.  Print the information on the cover AND give the recipients the opportunity to practice their game at the same time so they are more willing to participate in your event.

Are you a golf pro and want to get your message out about your services?  Put your website and all the information on the cover.  What better way to get people to practice and WANT to work with you than to give them (or better yet SELL) the #1 practice solution while reminding them of your services each time they use it?

Want to show some school spirit?  What better way?

Don't forget sponsorships and co-op advertising opportunities!

Okay... Enough said.