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Stretchable Covers by SAS:


Originally named Cool Wheel Covers, our specially formulated polyester microfiber covers were intended to serve as protective shields against the sun's harmful rays on car, truck, RV and boat steering wheels.  

However, over the years, we have received thousands of correspondences suggesting other uses for our covers.  

Presently, our covers serve a multitude of purposes from protecting steering wheels to decorating marching band tubas and covering worn out bar stools.  They continue to show promise in many additional areas!  

  • Elastic fit - Takes only a few seconds to put on and take off

  • Made of polyester micro-fiber for softness and durability - Use them to clean your tuba, chrome legs of your bar stool, your windshield or even your best sunglasses - Simply machine wash and dry

  • In vehicles, they offer the very best protection from the sun, wind and water, especially for convertible and show car steering wheels, as well as boats and off-road vehicles

  • Offers one of the most visible forms of advertising on the planet - each one is a traveling billboard.

  • They even work great on laptops and bread baskets!


Available in:

Standard Size (approximately 18" diameter), EXTRA LARGE (XL - up to 22")to accommodate larger diameters like tractor trailer steering wheels and marching band tubas, and JUMBO (XXL - up to 28") for Sousaphone bells, large yacht wheels and cafe tables.


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